Saturday, September 18, 2010


During the last week in Hyderabad…we had had a big Mehendi day…We had been visiting Shilparaman that morning, an arts and crafts village where the artists come from far and wide to show and sell their masterpieces. There was this mehendi artist who offered to come home so, all of us 7 girls could get our hands decorated.

Here are some of those pictures.

This was one of the triplets showing off her hands. This was the girls first experience with mehendi ( henna ) applied so extensively. DSC_6374


We had gotten the back of the hands colored as well. DSC_6379


They were totally in awe of the lady applying the henna. She was so fast and good.DSC_6384


They had wanted to get shapes of peacocks. Are you able to find any?There are many ways of applying the henna design to the hand. This way is called Arabic. The lines are much more thicker, lots of shading.DSC_6393


The girls had waited patiently through the process. They had been curious and their opinion of a mehendi expert changed after this. Their mom was no longer the expert. DSC_6383


Even Richa was eager to get this on her hands. She waited patiently for her turn and then through the whole procedure.DSC_6397


Look at Richa’s hands as she was getting her hand done.DSC_6400

She got so itchy to wash it off as soon as the design was done. But, we managed to hold her from washing until the henna dried up.


Then came my turn. DSC_6409


After my SiL’s turn was done, we thought that we should call our MiL (the 7th girl in the house) to get her hands decorated too. But, each of us knew she would refuse and each of us predicted the way she would do it.  That the betting was in place, Pavan  went and invited his mom to get her hands  decorated with henna..and she did as Pavan had predicted..

Brushed him off with a “Jaa re…” pouting her mouth..and raising her chin up, proud of her decision.

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